Prepare Him Room – an advent resource

joyWhether you want to think about it yet or not Christmas is fast approaching. We can often get bogged down in our Christmas plans – making sure that we have the presents bought, making sure the cake is made, sorting out what we’re having for Christmas dinner. Often the plans that we make in the run up to Christmas, and the busyness of life, can stop us from thinking about what is going on.

That’s the great thing about advent – it’s a time which helps us to think about the arrival of our saviour. But even then it can be hard to get our families to think about it – we do ok on the chocolate advent calendars, counting down the days, but there’s more that we can do.

There’s a little book called Prepare Him Room by Marty prepareMachowski which I think can help us and our families at advent.

Prepare Him Room is a book of family advent devotionals, with the idea that we prepare as families for Christmas. There are three devotions for each advent week, and each devotion includes an activity along with a Bible reading and a suggested song to sing. There is also a new Christmas story to read.

The book will be great for anyone with a family, particularly school aged children and I would highly recommend getting it and working through it this advent as we seek to lead our families on the advent journey.

You can pick the book up from 10ofthose for less than you can at Amazon. It also comes with a CD of classic Christmas songs with some new arrangements, and also some new songs too.


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