3 little books

So last week I was able to make a dent into my 24 books in a year promise, by reading 3. Yes 3. Admittidly they were only short, but they were ones I needed to read for work purposes, so they count.

  1. Tricky by Michael Dormandy and Carl Laferton.tricky

This book is a short little book (87 pages) which looks at some tricky questions about Christianity. It answers questions like, “Does Jesus care about my pain?” And, “What does Jesus really think about being gay?” Each question is answered with a bit of humour, but underlying that is the clear teaching of what the Bible says about each of those tricky questions. It is well worth a read for both Christians who want to be sure of the answers themselves, or for non-Christians who are trying to make sense about what the Bible really teaches. The writing style makes it accessible for a wide range of readers, although I would say younger teenagers may struggle a bit. This book is going to help us as we think through with our older teen group what the Bible says about things, and is a great book to read and give away.

2. What’s it all about by Martin Salter

whatThis is an even shorter book (47 pages)! In it Martin gets the reader to think about 6 key questions which help to form their worldview, leaving each question hanging, not giving us the answer until the end. He writes in a clear and witty style, and makes the book a real thought provoking book. Again this book is written for a wide readership, particulalry people who are looking more into how what we think affects the way we live, and Martin gives the ultimate answers being found in the one who came into the world to tell us about the meaning of life, our origins, our ends and our purpose. Plus the other bonus is it has free delivery. It’s another great book to read and give away (The more you buy the cheaper they are!)

3. Jesus in College by Stephanie Bushell (sorry can’t find where to buy this one – it’s publushed by 10ofthose)

This is an even shorter book (45 pages) aimed at those who are in Further education or sixth form colleges. In the book Stephanie tells the story of her time at a FE college as a young Christian trying to set up and run a Christian Union. You feel the highs and the lows as you travel the journey with her. While the book was aimed at the FE situation I found myself encouraged and challenged in my work as a youth worker. If you are in a college, and want to see what can happen (not all good!) and you can get hold of a copy then this is well worth a read. You might be able to get more information from Festive, which is an organisation set up to provide Christian support for staff and students in FE colleges and sixth forms.


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