A great part of the job here at Surrey Chapel is reading. Reading for planning, reading for preparation, reading for personal growth. On the whole I like reading, and like to shut myself away with a book. However, I have a problem. A problem that started when my daughter was born about 2 years ago. My concentration and retention for reading is now pretty rubbish. I blame it on tiredness and being distracted. Where I used to be able to sit and bash my way through a book fairly easily, I now struggle, especially if it’s one that I need to be taking things from.

So, when I found this video, and this post from a guy called Trevin Wax (great name – he’s an American, but don’t hold that against him, he’s got some helpful things to say.)

In the video he gives 10 top tips. These tips include: set a goal. You might not make it, but you will read more; read all the time; and Read and then Really READ – read some things in depth and some not.

Anyway, I hope that these two things are helpful, I know that I’m going to try and put some of those things in practice. In fact, I think I’m going to aim for reading 24 books this year. I think that’s a modestly doable one, and I promise that there wont be too many little books in there!


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